Founded in 2011 in Tel – Aviv, Israel, Raaul is guitarist/songwriter Ido Agmon and drummer/songwriter Guy Shechter. Sharing the love for both heavy stoner rock and super melodic pop, they started writing songs and jamming together, trying to bring these two different musical roots into their music. The result was what some people refer to as stoner-pop… Raaul released two albums so far, their 2013 debut “Big Juicy Bruise” and their second 2016 album “Lisrof Litrof” (that’s “to burn, to prey” in Hebrew). In early 2016, they left Israel and moved to Los Angeles, where they recorded their third upcoming album with LA producer/engineer Lior Goldenberg. During breaks from recording, they toured over the west coast, sometimes sharing stage with bands such as Big Business, Tweak Bird and the Eagles Of Death Metal.


Look, Don’t Listen – Debut Album Out 11/03/2017

Furiosa is the musical brainchild of Los Angeles native, Jonah Nimoy.

With Esoteric line drawings, heavy romantic vocals and aggressive melodic grit, Furiosa turns chaos into clarity.

In the studio, it’s Jonah & his wired mind singing & playing every instrument he can get his hands on. On stage, Jonah takes the role of lead vocals & guitars, as a rotating gang of heroes & weirdos celebrate the madness around him… To his right stands long time school friend Evan Heinz on keys & back-ups, to his left, pumping out the low-end, is legendary bassist John Avila.

Not many Millennials will cite Cliff Burton & Hunter S. Thompson as dream band members, but Jonah seems to have an appreciation of the strange & awesome that is beyond his years…

Antenna the End

Antenna The End (ATE) is a Los Angeles based music ensemble spearheaded by local Songwriter/Bass Player, David Hakopyan, formerly of The Apex Theory,Vocalist/Costume Designer, Daniella Yorah & Texas Big Beat Drummer, Brock Bowers. Originally the brainchild of Hakopyan, ATE began during a transitional moment in David’s life, writing only as inspiration would come knocking. After years of searching for the perfect motley crew, the ATE sound has finally found it’s voice. ATE performs in a variety of forms,from broken down acoustic trio, to loud rock ensemble.

Clark Chimp

Clark Chimp is an astrophysimusicianaut from another universe, stranded here.

He uses his pedal-driven wormhole generator to augment virtuosic acoustic guitar playing and his out-of-this-world voice to perform original songs and sounds that will take you to the farthest reaches of space and time where you may encounter… your own heart. 

Now surviving in Lost Angeles, Clark has donned sunglasses and sweater to brave the perfect weather and tune in the Angelenos to his musical messages from inner and outer space.

Vishup Ensemble

Vishup was founded in Los Angeles in 2016 by flutist, vocalist, and guitarist Arik Grigoryan of the acclaimed Bambir music collective; and vocalist and pianist Areni Agbabian. Other members include cellist Artyom Manukyan and drummer Vardan Duvendjian. The ensemble’s repertoire comprises both original material and odes to the art-historical.

An intricately calibrated straddling of earthy and ethereal, Vishup’s music is driven by the exquisite lead vocals of Areni Agbabian and the soothing, folk-inflected voice of Arik Grigoryan. The singing is deftly woven with understated yet muscular textures of cello, flute, guitar, and drums, making for a lush, wondrous sound.

Apex Theory

The Apex Theory was formed in 1999 by Armenian-American Los Angeles musicians Art Karamian, Ontronik Khachaturian, David Hakopyan, & Port Townsend transplant, Sammy J. Watson.

The band released its first extended play, titled, Extendemo, in 2000.

The following year, they signed with DreamWorks Records, releasing their second EP, The Apex Theory on October 9, 2001. On April 2, 2002, the band released its first full length album, Topsy-Turvy which peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. Months after the album’s release, Khachaturian was fired from the band, and Karamian took over as the band’s vocalist, shifting the band from a quartet to a power trio.

The band released an EP in 2004 entitled IntheSkySomethingisWatching. In 2007 the band released a 15 Minute One Song EP, featuring Duduk Djivan Gasparian Sr. titled LightPost. After changing the name to Mt. Helium, the band released its second album, Faces, as a digital download on June 3rd, 2008.