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Grass Grows
Day is New

              AVEDIS’ SPOKEN HEART   



Tones blare from vivid imaginations

The air seems to come alive

These are moments for which we live

Soul connection

Energy is key to musical flow

Let the soul go fade into the notes.



Am I too small to sing for your life

Too soft for your deep soul

But for our human race I’ll die

For your life I’ll fight and die

Burn and turn in the walls of prison

Burn in the church of life

Hurt and break my heart

You’re in my heart 

Not on my shoulders.



Radical measures

Free reign with your methods

Words of blurred 

Freely like matter

This is a delicate situation 

Life is a spiritual war

These games have no winners

I’m not cruel for the pleasure of it

Little brains they had

Used to plan 

Forced to eliminate peace


Just let us be

If society wasn’t like this 

Then you think we would be.



During the week only

Hokus pokus

No focus

We should be brought 

Up to speed

And begin to tour

Tool and die with me 

On the conveyor belt

Still stuck as before

Still running in place on a treadmill

Still looking for the air

Penetrate deeper and deeper 

Into the psych

Devil and all his little nymphs 

With red hot pitch forks

Dancing to the beat of their hearts

They’ll get along famously 

With their slugs.



No question 

No confusion

Just a continuous stream of silence

Angelic darkness of path

Prisms of the mind

As rhythms in dawn’s naked light

Dance like a dream

Pass multicolored candles

Shedding blades of madness

Roll joints below the rain

Shadows burn blood

Pours on blind fortresses 

Psychotic dances sing everything

Grass grows through 

Concrete hills

Shaped like curved backbones

I mentally explode 

Rise to the purposive seeds

Thunder crashes and countries scream

Angelic darkness prevailing 

Through space and time.



Who has come

My hate is killing me

No moon I ever desired

No star I ever seeked

Complaints I have a lot

Every sorrow I have hidden 

Every faint I laughed off

To what end be death

If not for love and 

What is life without love

Sweeter than sweet is love.



Let’s live our life with happiness

Not with worry pain or hurt 

Your love is always in my heart

Your eyes make me go crazy in this world

You are the only one for me

They say love is like a rose 

Spring will come and it will bloom again.



I woke up today with new hopes

Don’t know what the day has in store

The day is new the hurt is new

If the day is gone and I don’t see you

The whole world is dark for me

Night and day are even

No one can separate our hearts

Only death can separate us

God hold our heart 

Our loving heart.



Craving creation

Dreaming reality

Withholding faith

A struggle presents itself

There’s no one out there

Worthy of mind 

Worth of mind as silence exists

Ignorance to protect us from evil eyes

Reading to gain knowledge

Someone worthy

Never capturing a moment

Fables told us to save face

A mimic of rudeness echos



Deception is breathing 

Seven pounds lifted

After my wrong has been corrected

Forever lingering temptation

The life and after life of my 

Personal supreme being

I do not label my GOD

For he does not label me

The rise and fall of my 

Personal attribute

As I kneel before you 

I ask for your forgiveness.



We come into this world

Naked from our Mother’s womb

What a beautiful thing

But when it’s gone 

It hurts


When it is someone you love

We have not given enough

We have only taken

We have not loved enough

We have only hated

Life is an unimaginable 

Source of love

They must have pushed 

More in and pushed more out 

Because we are all 

Still here.


Sent from my Plant Energy!

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