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Dvo - Ch’MoraNank (Live at Toys of the Masses Studios)

April 2020

Video File (1920x1084, MP4) for Broadcasting purposes:

Youtube link (public after 4:24pm PST):


 Video Premiere on Facebook Live of Toys of The Masses, today at 4:24 PST.



LIVE VIDEO @4:24 PST Link:

Instagram taggs:

Artist: @thelifeofdvo

Song: Ch’MoraNank (Never Forget) - AC Version (Live at @toysofthemasses_records )

April 2020, Los Angeles

Director: @chapetevj

Label: @ToysoftheMasses_Records 

Video Debut: April 24th, 2020

Release Date: May 1, 2020

This acoustic version features an accompanying video which Dvo characterizes as “A raw, one-take outpour. If you love perfection, this isn't for you.” In tribute to his great grandmother Zabel, a genocide survivor, the song is available on BandCamp, with 50% of all proceeds dedicated to 1.5 Million for 1.5 Million Lives. The accompanying video will also be available on YouTube.

Recorded by @thelifeofdvo at @toysofthemasses_records (Los Angeles, CA). Mixing and Mastering by at @estudiosaudion (Buenos Aires, Argentina). April 2020. #MakeArtNotWar #NeverAgain #NuncaMas #armeniangenocide

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