Topsy-Turvy is the debut studio album by Armenian-American rock band The Apex Theory, aka Mt. Helium. Released on April 2, 2002 on Dreamworks Records.


Track Lisitng:


  Add Mission 3:35
  Mucus Shifters 2:30
  Come Forth 3:16
  Shhh... (Hope Diggy) 3:20
  Drown Ink 3:09
  Bullshed 4:59
  That's All! 3:25
  Bravo 3:08
  Apossibly 4:14
  Right Foot 3:52
  Aisle Always 3:54
  In Books 3:59


Billboard Magazine...

This debut effort from rock act the Apex Theory deserves multiple listens, for its unique blend of intelligent lyrics and hard-driving guitars and drums gets better with each spin. Themes of independence and introspection abound, as do interesting synthesizer riffs and forceful vocal deliveries. It's a challenge to forget the chorus of "Mucus Shifters," a tirade against the power of money, and of the dynamic first single, "Shhh . . . (Hope Diggy)." Slower tracks like "Come Forth," an everyman's tale of relationship woes, are equally memorable. The Los Angeles-based quartet combines a variety of Mediterranean and rock musical influences throughout, most notably on "That's All," with its slightly dissonant aural mix. "Apossibly," another highlight, captures the slightly sinister quality of being afraid of accountability.—JP


The Apex Theory is:

  • Artin Karamian - Guitar
  • Sammy J. Watson - Drum
  • David Hakopyan - Bass Guitar
  • Ontronik Khachaturian - Vocals

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